Individual consultations

Welcome to my space dedicated to individual consultations. Here you will find energy healing, guidance and cleansing. Together we will release your blockages, restore balance and bring you to inner clarity.

Energy treatment

I connect with your soul to allow it to guide me in releasing blockages that are no longer useful to you. I share with you everything I perceive and transmit the necessary messages during the treatment, which allows you to become aware of your releases.

I also ask you questions based on the information that is transmitted to me. It is an exchange in all benevolence.

Energetic care for adults: the cost is 80€. The treatment lasts 1h30.
Energetic care for children (under 10 years old): the cost is 50€. The treatment lasts 1 hour.

The payment of the treatment is possible by bank transfer, check or cash.releases. 


We are sometimes at crossroads in life, where we can feel lost without knowing which direction to take.

Through clairvoyance and clairaudience, I transmit messages from your guides, the deceased, to allow you to choose the direction that resonates deep within you.

I sometimes use oracles according to my intuition and your requests.

The cost is 80€. The guidance lasts 1h15.

The payment of the guidance is possible by bank transfer, check or cash.

Cleaning of the premises

Our homes, because of their experience before our arrival, before they were built or while we live in them, are filled with all kinds of energies that can lower their vibratory rate.

It happens that the presence of souls of deceased people in the house can weaken the energies of your house and your energy fields.

When I feel these presences, I guide them towards the light before purifying the energies so that they are in agreement with yourself.

The cost of the cleansing is 80€ and lasts 1h30. The cleaning of the place is only done at a distance.

The payment of the cleaning is possible by bank transfer, check or cash.

“Those who do not learn from the unpleasant facts of their lives, force the cosmic consciousness to reproduce them as many times as necessary, to learn what the drama of what happened teaches.
That which you deny subjugates you.
What you accept transforms you.”