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What is mediumnity?

It is the communication between the visible and invisible world, it is a state of being, a very strong sensitivity to every presence, emotions, thoughts, feelings… In reality, we all have mediumnity in us, we are all capable of communicating with our deceased, our guide.

What guides us towards the vocation of medium as a profession is a choice of soul, to help those who wish to through mediumship.

This state is present for many since childhood, for others, it will open up following a coma or a near death experience. It is also a choice of the soul when the opening of mediumship is realized in this way.

Being a medium does not mean having the absolute truth, reading everything about the other person without his or her consent, having or taking power over the other person under the pretext that we have this faculty.

When we decide to honor this vocation that our soul has chosen, we accept this increased sensitivity to everything around us, to welcome our emotions, to understand them, to be in perpetual evolution as we accompany people, to be connected to something greater than ourselves, while keeping the humility of being a human being like all the others because we are all divine beings.

We accept above all to be a channel, that is to say to transmit information, that the guides, the deceased, the animals can transmit to us in the form of images, words, feelings, that the person in front of us must receive even if we do not always understand the meaning, that the person who receives the messages does not agree or that it does not resonate in him. The transmission is fair.

Sometimes, when we tend to give away too much of our personal power and/or we ask the same question too many times to our guides (by going to several different people for the same thing for example), it is because a part of us is waiting for a very precise answer.

The medium you consult will not know this. He will just transmit to you what he is told, or not transmit anything at all (this can happen): this is what being a medium is all about. Transmitting messages from the invisible world to the visible world (taking care to be connected to the light of course. It is the responsibility of the medium and other therapists in this field since he welcomes his sensitivity, he will feel if the energies that do not correspond to those he usually receives).

You, your responsability, is YOUR PERSONAL POWER, free will. It is important to take what is right for you and to leave the rest : YOU know better than anyone what is good and right for YOU. The guides in their messages will bring you confirmations, another angle on a situation, a light on your path or a dead end, and/or a very precise message.

If you have difficulty trusting yourself, sometimes they can challenge you by spending you teh opposite message to what is right (or reality), so that you take back your personal power in order to depend only on yourself.

In his or her guidance, a psychic or other therapist will want you to back and keep your personal power.

No one has right to take power over you under the pretext that he/she has mediumship or other abilities. We are all incarnated souls who have come to experience an earthly life : mediums and therapists too.

What is energy?

We are all made of energy. It allows us to be alive and to make our body function well.

It is connected to our emotional, mental, etheric and physical state. When we work on energy, we have an impact on all these areas. This is why it is important that you trust the person to whom you will give permission to work on your energies.

By exploring this aspect of our being, we allow ourselves to activate our healing capacity.

This capacity is put in place through awareness. Indeed, our mental and emotional state has a huge impact on our condition.

An energetic treatment does not replace a medical treatment, nor a consultation with a doctor. It is an additional tool to find your well-being more quickly by understanding what is going on inside you and by being an actor of your life.

“Time does not transform man, nor does wisdom. The only thing that can drive a being to change is love.”