I offer you these trainings in order to accompany you on your journey towards a mastery of energies and a spiritual opening. Whether you wish to deepen your knowledge in the field of energetics or to initiate yourself to these practices, theses trainings are designed to meet your specific needs.

I reconnect to my spirituality

I propose to continue the evolution on your path with the beautiful energy of the group.

I finally bring to light the training “I reconnect to my spirituality” which was transmitted to me by my guides and which I have been teaching for 1 year. I adapt the content according to the energy of the group and the needs of each person.

It is an approach towards oneself in order to reconnect to the divine and intuitive being that we are, to know ourselves in our entirety, to bring to light all our potentials and to radiate what we are.

It is composed of 5 modules of 2 days, every 2 or 3 weeks, in order to carry out an in-depth work on oneself.

The energy of the group gives the opportunity to go further in the awareness and the liberations thanks to the resonances between each being who composes the circle. I accompany you throughout this rebirth process with love, gentleness and kindness.

Here is the next session to come:


May 13/22, 2023
June 05/06 2023
June 19/20, 2023
03/04 July 2023
July 17/18, 2023

The training fee is 1 500€, the payment is possible by modules or in 12 times.

Terms of payment :
By modules
Over 12 months

The requests for inscriptions are done only by telephone, I will transmit you the form to be supplemented by e-mail, this one will be validated once I will have received it with the payment.

I wish you to be attentive to your heart and soul.

I reconnect with my femininity

Photo maria formation

Maria Neauleau

Photo partenariat

Sandrine Aubry

Let us introduce ourselves: Maria NEAULEAU, psychic, energetic and Sandrine AUBRY, energetic and beautician.

Following our friendly love at first sight, a few years ago, it is during a beauty appointment that everything changed…

During our exchanges, we made some common awareness that made us grow.

That’s why today we want to share this life experience with you, by offering you a personal and spiritual evolution through the beautiful energy of the group.

After a period of journey, we became aware of the importance of the feminine on earth.According to our models, our beliefs, our life paths, we have sometimes distanced ourselves from our femininity.
The feminine, femininity, the divine feminine, the sacred woman, what is it ? How do we manifest it on earth? In our daily life ? How do we perceive it ?

We propose a course of 9 workshops on a rhythm of 2 times per month with the following dates :

Tuesday September 5, 2023
Monday September 18, 2023
Monday October 2, 2023
Monday 16 October 2023
Monday November 6, 2023
Monday 20 November 2023
Monday 6 December 2023
Monday 18 December 2023
Monday 8 January 2024 

From 9 am to 5 pm

The cost of the training is 900€ (100€ per day), the payment is possible by modules or in 12 times.

Terms of payment :

In full
Per workshop
Over 12 months

 If you don’t know us already and would like to discover us, here are the links to our websites :

Maria Neauleau : 

Sandrine Aubry :

“I’m letting the miracles into my life right here and now.”